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Spencer engineers have completed technical research and in-depth tests to develop new solutions to assist the recovery and transport of critical patients. Today KWT, the innovative outdoor mobile trolley, makes this job more efficient and safer. The design of the trolley frame is seamless offering safety protection to patient, operators and crowds. In addition, patient transfer operations are smooth and dynamic even in the presence of crowds. The raised positioning of the IV-support guarantees the operator an obstacle free working environment for patient treatment along with correct fluid dynamics. The soft handgrip tube all around the trolley makes handling of the patient in a very hot environment easier and avoids direct contact of both paramedics and patient with the metal frame. On the top of the stretcher, inside a protective case, there is a LED light compartment with switch. The suspension system makes the trolley stable and flexible and adaptable to any type of surface. This avoids any adverse effect on the traumatized patient during movement but also during manoeuvres involving devices such as oxygen and fluid supply and which potentially could interfere with the patient.